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Prestigious Homes is a boutique home building company specializing in custom residential construction. Our goal is to create one-off custom homes that our clients will enjoy for a lifetime. What we live in becomes what we are surrounded in and when you are inspired by what you are surrounded in, this leads to a better living.  We believe that each client has specific needs when building a custom home and it is our intent to fulfill those needs to our highest capacity in every aspect from communication to construction and everything in between.


Personalized for you. 


Each home is custom designed by a leading architect, who meets the specific and individual needs of each client. We take pride in exceeding homeowners' expectations in our ability to craft a custom home built uniquely for them.

Our Process

The process is always started with the land acquisition first. Since every home we build is designed for a specific lot with it's surroundings this is key for initial design ideas. 

Land Acquisition

We work with local real estate professionals

Planning & Design

 We work with Albuquerque's top architects to design your home

Specification & Detail List 

A set of specifications that make your home truly unique

Home Construction 

We handle all aspects of construction

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